Friday, May 26, 2017

Cruising With Kids: Travel Packing Tips

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If you’ve followed our blog for a while, we’ve mentioned that we’ve traveled with our daughter to Aruba, Dominican Republic, and Mexico. We’re about to embark on our next adventure to Bermuda, only this time, we’re taking a cruise.
Packing for a cruise to a tropical destination is somewhat similar to any beach vacation there are some big distinctions:
  • During ports of call, if you leave the ship, you need to take more with you
  • If you do not need to fly to the port, you can take MORE (which isn’t always better)
  • You need different items for Sea Days vs. Port Days
  1. Most ships do not allow non-potty trained kids in the pool. Make sure you check with the cruise line before you book! Bring swim diapers (disposable and reusable)
  2. Keep in mind, unlike a hotel with a balcony, there won’t be much space to dry your swimwear. Bring extras and towel clips!
  3. Bring walkie-talkies! You’ll thank me later. Best to get one with many frequencies that work across more distance. The best way to communicate when you and your family need or want to split up.
  4. On the ship, get a few green apples and cans of ginger ale. They really help if your child gets seasick.
  5. Always. Buy. Insurance. Especially when traveling with children. (Why have travel insurance)

Below are musts in your Cruise packing list:

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