Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Toys for Math - Count Through Play

We’re excited - we’ve learned to count to 15! Throughout daily tasks, we try and teach our daughter counting. From berries to fingers to birds in the park, we make it fun to count. We also love these toys that help make counting fun:

Sesame Street On the Go Numbers: Doubles as a puzzle and helps teach counting in sequences
Counting Caterpillar: Learn both numbers and sequence
Play Doh Numbers: who doesn’t love play-do? Make it education with numbers!

Wipe Clean Work Books: Practice holding a marker and tracing without wasting a ton of paper. Wipe and reuse
Water Wow Numbers: Same concept as above but with water. It dries clear and you can re-color with water as many times as you want!
Count your chickens: an interactive game engaging a child and asking them to help count chicks on a farm
Go Fish! – takes counting to the next level. Learn to count, match and find pairs.
Sneaky Snacky Game– this game has many uses but it teaches counting, colors and even basic subtraction and addition

Digital Piggy bank: This is a great age to teach your child early saving tips! Get them a counting piggy bank. They will learn to count faster when its money they can purchase things with!
Cash Register: Teaches you to count, subtract, add and most importantly fun!

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