Monday, January 23, 2017

Board Games for 2 and up

It’s cold outside. Tired of crafts and loud toys? Grab some kid-friendly board games and have a family night!
I used to think that board games are for older kids but recently discovered some hits with my daughter. She is turning 3 soon but we’ve played a few with her as soon as she turned 2.

Sneaky Snaky Squirrel - such a fun game! You are on the quest to get just the right color and amount of pine cones for the winter. Using the squirrel to pick up the pieces, your child and you need to get the 5 nuts (by color) into their tree, with different obstacles like the wind blew them all away - really entertaining

CUBE game - This cube comes with color matching cards that ask your toddler to moo like a cow, hop two times, find something orange, etc. Teaches them to follow directions and do something fun in the process

Connect Four- A must have classic game. Teaches problem solving and is just super fun for all ages

Picture Bingo - Love this brand! Helps memory, matching and also speech. Have the child find the pieces and announce the word in the picture. Teaches how to take turns, match pictures and expands vocabulary.

Candy Land - This classical game now comes in a million varies (Disney princess, Mickey Mouse, etc. I recently only learned about this game and my daughter, 2 at the time, easily followed the game

Giant Domino - We also just purchased domino. My husband and I had a bet whether our daughter can do it. She loved it! It comes with pictures and later can be used for matching/counting numbers. She counted a number of pieces for each of us and played the game well.

Chutes and Ladders - Similar to Candy land, you must navigate and go up ladders. Take a turn and shimmy up.

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